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The Roswell Fire Department is now accepting applications for Recruit Firefighter. Any personnel that are interested in trying out need to pickup an application from the city HR department at City Hall. You can also down load an application from the city's website and then click on Employment (Jobs). The application deadline is August 19th.

Thanks and Good Luck!!!

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The Primary Mission of the Roswell Fire Department, is to provide a range of programs designed to protect the Lives and Property of the inhabitants of the City of Roswell, from the adverse effects of Fires, Sudden Medical Emergencies or exposure to Dangerous Conditions created by either Man or Nature.

This time of the year is never a safe time for outdoor burning.

Kinzie's fight!!!

Click on the gofundme link on the right to donate.

Kinzie is one of our firefighting brother’s daughter and she is in the fight with cancer. Any donations would be appreciated.